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In 2020, building waterproof coating will develop in this direction

Building waterproofing is related to the safety and life of the building, the people's livelihood and well-being. The application field of building waterproof materials is expanding, and now it has been widely used in infrastructure construction, real estate and other fields. In 2020, driven by the infrastructure and renovation market, the market demand for waterproof materials remains strong, and the production of waterproof materials keeps growing; however, the increasing downward pressure of the national economy and the slowing growth of real estate investment aggravate the industry competition, and the growth rate of income and profit in the industry has declined.

In 2020, building waterproof coating will develop in this direction

Increasing demand and market concentration

In 2020, the intensity of infrastructure construction will not be reduced, the construction of Dawan district and the comprehensive start-up of the transformation of old urban residential areas have a large demand for waterproof materials, and the total output of waterproof materials is expected to grow faster than last year. Statistics show that although the main business income and total profit of Enterprises above Designated Size continue to maintain double-digit growth, the growth rate slows down. In addition, the rapid development of waterproof industry last year attracted the attention of central enterprises and listed companies, so the industry merger and reorganization is more frequent. Sankeshu acquired 70% of the equity of Dayu in Guangzhou and invested in building a waterproof industrial base in many places. Asichuanneng plans to build a waterproof roll production line in Shijiazhuang. At the same time, the business of waterproof enterprises also began to extend vertically and horizontally. In the next few years, the industry will continue to enhance the market concentration through merger and reorganization, business expansion, enterprise competition and cooperation.

Future trend judgment: industry pattern is expected to be reshaped

China's economy has entered the stage of medium speed growth, and real estate development enterprises will continue to be cautious about the follow-up investment. However, with the further implementation of the construction of xiong'an new area, the development of the Yangtze River economic belt, the construction of Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao, and the construction of Hainan pilot Free Trade Zone, the demand for local infrastructure construction is strong, coupled with the large-scale construction of old residential quarters and other factors , the market demand for waterproof materials is still very large. According to China building waterproof Association, the growth rate of building waterproof materials will be about 8.1% in 2020, and the total production of waterproof materials will be about 2.616 billion m2. Among them, the growth rate of waterproof roll and waterproof coating is expected to reach 9.0% and 9.1% respectively. In 2020, there may be more cases of merger and reorganization in the waterproof industry. The entry of central enterprises and listed companies will reshape the industry pattern. The competition in the waterproof industry will be more orderly. The waterproof enterprises will work together to advance the high-quality development of the waterproof industry in a new era.

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