Wholeheartedly believe people oriented

Job requirements:

1. Within two years after graduation, college degree or above, majors are not limited.

2. Strong communication ability, carefulness and sense of responsibility.

3. Identify with the corporate culture and development direction, and be willing to start from the grassroots level.

4. Excellent student cadres are preferred.

Compensation and benefits:

1. Salary: 2800-3500 yuan, 6-7 days off per month;

2. Social security, all kinds of paid holidays (statutory holidays, annual leave, marriage leave, maternity leave, paternity leave, etc.) provide higher salary level than the competitive level of the same industry;

3. Regular employees can enjoy 'family affection 1 + 1' every month (100 yuan for company subsidy, 100 yuan for employees themselves, 200 yuan for fixed monthly payment into parents' account), group birthday, etc;

4. Every year, the Mid Autumn Festival will send a mooncake gift bag to each employee's family;

5. Car distribution welfare: the company provides cars for each regional manager level and above personnel;

6. Car learning welfare: reserve the top three managers, managers and above to learn the car, and the company will reimburse 50% of the car learning expenses;

7. Each year, we hold many special 'group weddings' for our employees, which are held in domestic and foreign tourist sites: Lijiang, Sanya, Qingdao, Shanghai, Beijing, Bali, Maldives, etc;

8. The company provides managers and above with the whole process worry free family welfare program. The company will give wedding gifts, birth gifts, annual child nutrition subsidies, kindergarten, primary school, junior high school, high school, university tuition subsidies and a series of cost subsidies;

9. The company provides various training opportunities for employees. Deppon college organizes various internal training and outdoor development related to business, work, ability improvement, etc. according to the post category of employees, such as: new employee induction training, reserve manager, senior manager training, accounting training, professional skills training and other related off-site paid training.